Kiernan MacBaird

ex-drug addict Scotsman turns a new leaf


Kiernan MacBaird

Age 27
Concept Ex-addict Awakens to a new life.
Virtue Faith
Vice Gluttony
Path Mastigos
Legacy Silent Ones

Intelligence Strength Presence
Wits Dexterity Manipulation
Resolve Stamina Composure

Academics Athletics Animal Ken
Computer Brawl Empathy
Crafts Drive Expression
Investigation Firearms Intimidation
Medicine Larceny Persuasion
Occult Stealth Socialize
Politics Survival Streetwise
Science Weaponry Subterfuge

Merits Arcanum
Toxin Resistance Mind
Striking Looks Space
Iron Stamina Matter
Boxing -
Contacts -
Size 5
Speed 10
Initiative 3
Defense 2
Armor 0

Specialties Drawbacks Rotes
Dirty Tricks (brawl) Addiction -
Concealing (larceny) - -
Illicit deals (streetwise) - -

Weapons Dice Mod Equipment Dice Mod
Strike, bite, grapple Str+brawl - -
- - - -
- -

Notable People in Kiernan’s life

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Notable Places in Kiernan’s life


With black hair and green eyes, Kiernan’s 5’10”, 160 lb frame isn’t uncommon for a 27 year old Scotsman. He was born in Perth, Scotland, and moved to Glasgow with his parents when he was 4, where they lived for the next 8 years. His parents decided to take the family to Chicago in America when he was 12, where he had a rough time with kids teasing him about his accent. He learned how to imitate a regular Chicago accent to avoid the teasing, and tends to keep that accent when he’s around Americans even to this day. However, if he’s around other Scots or his family, he speaks with his family’s Scottish accent.

When Kiernan was 19, he went back to Scotland to visit some extended family for a few years. While he was there, he became involved with a woman named Maeve, whom he eventually married. They were together for about four years until a late-term miscarriage ended their relationship. They were both heavy users of heroin and other drugs for the entirety of their marriage and previous engagement, and it took the death of their unborn baby for Kiernan to realize the problems with his life. He tried to convince Maeve to stop using drugs after that, but she refused and became even more entrenched in her use. They had a very nasty and violent breakup that ended with him moving back to his parents house in Chicago.

He arrived back home in Chicago and got himself in a rehab program where he decided that it was time for him to turn a new leaf in his life. He got himself a job at an office where he served coffee twice a day for about 10 hours a week, and does other odd jobs in his neighborhood like walking Mrs. Thompson’s cat Bingo, washing the windows for the old men on the 6th floor twice a week, and doing laundry for one of the businessmen at his work. In the end, he makes about enough money to live in his studio apartment with about fifty bucks left over for food every month. While his job isn’t that impressive, he is proud that he has gotten back on his feet and was able to hold down a job for this long.

Kiernan MacBaird

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