The Book

The odd book has popped up a few times since Janet MacBaird’s death. Ethan Daniels has a copy of it in his car and claims to be a collector. Lisa had a copy of it at her place of work, and gave it to Kiernan.

When Kiernan first encountered it, he could clearly understand the strange runic script for a single word: Atlantis.

When he looked through the book later, he understood the words mana, gnosis and nimbus.

Later, when Lisa gave him a copy of the book, he flipped through some of the pages and understood (though didn’t perhaps comprehend) what he read. He only looked at a few pages.

He tried to ignore the book though, and it is currently in his apartment.

If you have Mage the Awakening then the parts Kiernan skimmed are a first-hand account of pages 24-30.

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The Book

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