Prologue Full

It was another normal day for Kiernan at the office where he worked. He was cleaning up while everyone else was packing up to leave when he received a text message from his brother. Kiernan snuck a glance at his phone which was asking if he wanted to go out for a drink after work. Never one to pass up on a chance to hang out with his older brother Kiernan texted back that he’d love to. After he texted he looked around sheepishly to see if he’d been caught, he briefly caught eyes with the secretary who gave him a conspiratorial smile.

Brodie picked up Kiernan and they went to a local pizza joint. Kiernan told Brodie about his new respectable lifestyle and Brodie told Kiernan about how he and his wife, Janet MacBaird had just moved into their first house and how excited they were. After eating the pizza the two of them headed to a sports bar to catch the Bull’s game. During the game Brodie stepped out a few times to call home but was never able to get a hold of Janet.

After the Bulls lost the game Brodie asked Kiernan if he wanted to come back to the new house and crash there as Kiernan had not been able to see the new place yet. They stopped by Kiernan’s place so he could grab a few of his effects. When they arrived home the house was dark and so they tried to sneak upstairs to not wake Janet up. After Kiernan went into his room he heard Brodie go back downstairs still looking for Janet.

Kiernan started putting on his shirt to go help Brodie until he heard him scream. Kiernan dashed downstairs to find a grisly scene. In the kitchen Janet was tied to a chair with her legs tied apart. She had been stabbed brutally all over her body and there was a message in her blood on the walls, “Now she’s everyone’s whore!” Kiernan, for the briefest second, heard the sounds of his ex-wife laughing.

The police arrived and Kiernan talked to Officer Daniels. After asking Kiernan a few questions Officer Daniels sent Kiernan to take Brodie somewhere to get some rest. Kiernan took Brodie to their parents’ home.

The point of this game was to introduce characters and to get the first plot rolling right away. The majority of the game was roleplay between Kiernan and Brodie to help flesh out the characters. The end of the game was intentionally short and brutal.

Prologue Full

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