Interlude 2 Full

In Kiernan’s dream he finds himself alone in a fun house. He wanders the fun house until he finds a room with three mirrors each set in a different colored frame and a single door. First he looks in the Red mirror where he sees himself exactly as he is now but his family is standing around him and they have all aged considerably. In the Blue mirror Kiernan sees himself wreathed in faerie fire. In the final mirror Kiernan sees himself armed with multiple weapons and bearing the scars of many battles. After looking into the last mirror a light emanates from the door. As Kiernan approaches the door swings open.

Inside he sees Janet as an angel gently floating in a completely white room with three doors. She informs Kiernan that dark times as coming and she has been sent to offer him a gift. The first door, she explains, leads down the Path of Blood and Death. She says this door will give him great power, but he will have to give up everything he holds onto to obtain it. The second door will take him down the Path of Flame. She explains that only through the cleansing fire can Kiernan truly have the new beginning he so desperately wants. The third door is the Path of Darkness. She says that will be the hardest Path and the only gift she can offer to help him combat that darkness is a candle which appears in her outstretched palm.

Kiernan is frustated and angry and tries to argue with Janet asking why she can’t just tell him who killed her. She closes her eyes for a moment and looks as though she’s listening to something. When she opens her eyes they are pure white and glowing. “As you wish.

Kiernan finds himself standing on the street where his brother’s house is. Confused, he begins wandering in the direction of the house when he hears a giggle behind him. He whirls around and sees a girl of about ten standing there.

You wanted to speak with me?” she asks.

...Are you lost?” Kiernan crouches down, “Want me to help you find your mum?

The girl giggles again and blinks. When her eyes open they are smooth black orbs. “Well aren’t you just adorable! If I had a mum I would have killed her millennia ago!

Kiernan hears whining and realizes he’s being surrounded by a pack of demonic looking dogs. He turns around and flees to the house with the dogs nipping at his heels. As he barrels through the door to the house he again finds himself in the white room. Where Janet was only the candle is left.

What the bloody hell was that?!

The candle on the floor flares and a voice fills Kiernan’s head, “Merely a glimpse of what is to come.

Kiernan becomes even angrier. As he tirades the three doors in front of him swing open and the door that lead back to the fun House melts into smoke leaving nothing but a smooth wall behind it. After studying the doors for a few minutes and seeing no other way out Kiernan eventually picks the Path of Flame. Passing through the door Kiernan feels as though he was seared down to his very soul. He stands there shaking and realizes he doesn’t have a single burn on his body. Far in the distance he sees a huge tower stretching up into the heavens. He sees five different paths before him. The first one leads through a rose and brier patch. The second one leads across a chasm filled with fire and brimstone. The third leads through a dark cemetery. The fourth leads, Kiernan realizes, through Golgotha where Christ and many others were crucified. A dark thunder cloud hangs ominously over this path. The final leads through a brilliant green meadow filled with animals… something about the very pastoral image still disturbs Kiernan.

After a moment’s hesitation his path seems clear and Kiernan walks along the path over the chasm of hellfire and brimstone. The stench of sulfur is almost overwhelming. Upon reaching the end of the path he opens the door to the tower and wakes up in his bed.

This game served two purposes. One was to get Kiernan started in the right direction. The other was for the player to decide which system we wanted the rest of the game to be. She could have decided between Vampire, Mage or Hunter. We ultimately decided Mage would work well for her character and decided to follow the Path of Mastigos.

Interlude 2 Full

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