Interlude 1 Full

It was a difficult week. While Brodie is dealing with his loss and the funeral Kiernan is busy conducting his own investigation. First Kiernan sends an e-mail to an old friend to see if there was any way Maeve is in town. Bothan gets in touch with Kiernan and lets him know that Maeve is still living in Scotland and has in fact moved into some sort of commune and is still as deep into drugs as she ever was.

Officer Daniels gets in touch with Kiernan long enough to tell him a few details of the case. All doors and windows appear locked and do not appear tampered with. No sign of a murder weapon or any other evidence has yet been discovered. Kiernan, convinced this wasn’t some random murder, looks through records to see if there had been any similar killings.

What he discovered was shocking. Murders, similar in the sheer brutality of the act, had been occurring on the very street where the house was for the last one hundred years. In only one case was the murder caught. According to the file a man had come home and found his wife cheating on him. He knocked them both out and proceeded to flay the man alive. The wife was only spared as a neighbor heard shouting and called the police. The man was found clinically insane and was put in an asylum for the criminally insane. Kiernan tried to get in contact with him and was told the man spends most days in a catatonic state and would be unavailable.

When Kiernan tried to make Officer Daniels aware of what he found he was brushed off. That night Kiernan had a bizarre dream in which he saw Janet and Brodie moving into the new house. When he saw them kiss he became enraged and full of jealousy…

These interludes take place between the main stories and often take place in e-mails and short chat sessions. For example the e-mails between Bothan and Kiernan were a series of actual e-mails that were RP’d.

Interlude 1 Full

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