Chapter 1 Full

Kiernan MacBaird awoke that morning to find an envelope stuffed under the front door of his apartment. The envelope was blank and inside was a brief message.

The contents of the note weighed heavily on Kiernan MacBaird’s mind. When finally eight o’clock rolled around Kiernan went into the Brass Tap to discover that VK was none other than Officer Daniels. Officer Daniels explained to Kiernan that he brushed Kiernan off earlier as there were aspects of the case he did not feel comfortable talking about while at the police station.

Officer Daniels then begins to tell Kiernan some local history. The land where the house was built was considered to be cursed by the local native Americans and that the slayings Kiernan discovered go back as far as there is recorded history. To prove his point he pulls out an ancient newspaper clipping from the 1800’s about a man who was found in his basement. All his fingers had been cut off and he had apparently been forced to eat them.

Kiernan, thinking it was time for him to get the hell away from Officer Daniels, begins to protest when all of a sudden he blacks out. He wakes up with his head on the table and Officer Daniels shaking him. As he looks up he can swear that Officer Daniels’s eyes flash a brilliant shade of purple. While he’s sitting dazed in the booth he has a sort of waking dreams that he is watching Janet MacBaird from behind some bushes with a knife in his hand.

Scared and confused Kiernan tries to leave but is too dizzy so is forced to get back in the booth. While Daniels is checking Kiernan for a concussion with a penlight Kiernan instead sees only Janet’s terrified eyes staring back at him. Officer Daniels offers to give him a ride home saying that Kiernan needs to get some rest.

When Kiernan sits in Officer Daniels’s car he finds he is sitting on a small leather bound book. He opens it up and it’s all written in some form of hieroglyphics. Certain symbols, however, seem to pop out of the text and Kiernan is sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that one of them means Atlantis. Daniels, who at this point introduces himself as Ethan, explains that he is a rare book collector and that the book was a present from his friend. Kiernan ventures that he thinks one of the symbols means Atlantis and lies that he saw it somewhere on the discovery channel. Ethan smiles at him and says nothing more on the subject. Kiernan walks into his apartment... his head pounding… and tries to get some sleep.

The game was originally supposed to be a Hunter game. However, on review of the system, it seemed designed to be played with a full party of PCs. So I decided to use hunter themes and ideas but make Kiernan MacBaird a little more interesting to play by himself. Kiernan at this point is either having memories of killing Janet MacBaird or is sharing some connection with the murder.

Another largely RP game. The bulk of the game took place in the The Brass Tap and the conversation that Kiernan and Off. Ethan Daniels had. Setting Kiernan up to Awaken.

Chapter 1 Full

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