Maeve and Kiernan married in Perth, Scotland, when they were 20 years old. Their marriage lasted only four years before it ended in a violent and bitter storm that drove Kiernan to America and Maeve to obscurity. They met when Kiernan visited his grandparents in Perth and went to one of the local clubs. They didn’t even know each others’ names when they first hooked up, but later their relationship became more steady.

However, with that attraction, they also found that there was a third member in their marriage; heroin and other drugs were consuming much of their lives at this point. Their marriage went from active partying to a pitiful mess, and when Maeve found out she was pregnant, the parties didn’t stop, and neither of them cared. She was two weeks from her delivery date when they both took a near fatal dose of heroin. When Kiernan woke up, Maeve was huddled in the corner of the room with the fetus on the floor in a bloody mess. Its umbilical cord was still attached, but the baby had been dead for hours. Maeve was alive though just barely.

Kiernan had a mental breakdown over the loss of the baby. He didn’t realize how real her pregnancy had been when his mind was clouded with drugs for months, and when the major overdose hit, he had a nightmare that caused him to shake from his path. Maeve, however, did not want to stop living her life. He tried to go to rehab with her, but she thought he was blaming her for the death of the baby. In some ways, he did, but he blamed himself as well. Their fight was serious and ended with her trying to knife him, but he finally gave up and left.

Their marriage was anulled by the Catholic Church, and they were officially divorced about 3 years ago. While he still loved her, he didn’t want to watch her kill herself, and knew that if he stayed with her, his life, like that of their unborn son, would end in tragedy.

Her voice was recently heard laughing at the murder scene of Janet, though that is not a positive identification and may have been a crossed memory. Kiernan tried to see how she was doing recently, and found out through Bothan that she was living in a commune in Glasgow.


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