Janet MacBaird

Wife of Brodie MacBaird who was murdered in an extreme and brutal manner.


Janet married Brodie MacBaid years ago, but was recently found dead in her home in suburban Chicago. The circumstances surrounding her death were mysterious, and the murder was brutal and horrific. Her body was found in the kitchen tied to a chair. She had multiple stab wounds and seemed to have been tortured. The body was found in a splayed sexual manner, and the words, “Now she’s everyone’s whore” were scrawled in her own blood on the wall. The house showed no indication of a break-in, and no one was seen near the house at the time of the murder.

In a dream, Janet appeared as an angel to her brother-in-law, Kiernan, and presented him with a choice. She said tough times were ahead, and he needed to prepare. A red door led down a path of blood and death, a blue door led to the Flame of rebirth, and a black door led into the darkness. She disappeared after showing Kiernan her true murderer, which was a black-eyed child surrounded by hounds of hell. She did not elaborate on the circumstances, and appeared to be taking cues on her communication from someone else.

Janet MacBaird

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