Misty Streets

Interlude 2

Kiernan must make a choice that may change the very course of his life. In a dream about the angel Janet, he perceives three paths before him and must make a choice.

Janet shows him a terrible fate that awaits him, and urges him to be strong. When Kiernan asks to see her murderer, she shows him a horrible creature that disturbs him to his very core…

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Sounds like a great concept for a campaign! You wrote that you’re using this as kind of an experiment. How’s it working out thus far? Have you encountered any unforeseen problems? Are you able to set the kind of mood that WoD games kind of need?

Also, I love that you created gmail addresses for your (N)PCs, I must keep that in mind if I ever GM any games that contain, y’know, technology…

Interlude 2

Yeah, I know how that is. :/

When’s your next session? Do you have regular playtimes so I know when to check back? I’m still kind of new at this Obsidian Portal thing. :P

Interlude 2

Yeah, our game is usually held on Thursday with a short follow up game sometime later.

I actually have thoroughly enjoyed doing a WoD game via text. Since WoD is supposed to be heavy and dramatic RP I find it much easier to treat it like a story. So far I think it’s working out, what about you Mandi?

Interlude 2

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