Misty Streets

Chapter 4 Full

So, you step into what on the outside looked like a small cottage coverd in moss. As you walk in the room you feel dizzy for a moment, and as you get your bearings you see that you’re in a very large indoor garden. Complete with a fountain in the center shooting water about ten feet in the air. Onehorn is carrying your brother off to another room, and Lisa is trying to lead you in that direction while helping carry your mother.

“A bit… out of place…” He squints an eye at the fountain like he’s trying to see if it’s real.

Onehorn grins at you, “The ladies love it.”

“What happens if they wake up here?” Kiernan asks softly.

“There’s a normal looking room over here we can put them in until we figure out what to do.”

“I mean… mum would be so scared to see this and Brodie.. I don’t know what he’d do.”

And true to his word as Onehorn opens a door it opens into a perfectly normal looking living room. Onehorn gently puts your brother down on a couch and goes and lights a fire in the fireplace.

“I appreciate this…” He says to Onehorn as he puts his mother on a recliner.

“Any friend of Lisa’s is a friend of mine. They should be OK in here… I’ll have Neville let me know if they wake up.” He says before walking back out into the garden.

“We can’t hide forever,” he says to Lisa quietly.

“No… I was just hoping to buy us some time til we figure out what’s going on.”

“I mean, I can’t… you, you don’t have to deal with this mess,” he adds.

“Well, I kinda do, but even if I didn’t I wouldn’t want you trying to deal with this on your own.”

she yawns “irregardless… we should get some rest while we’re here and figure out what to do once we’ve gotten some sleep.  I’ m exhausted.”

The use of irregardless totally doesn’t bother you in the slightest, sounds perfectly correct You’re pretty sure it just means without lack of regard.

Lisa walks out into the garden, “Hey Horn, you got any food, I’m starving”

Yeah, he’ll close the door behind him. He is trying to not know too much about crazytown.

As you walk out, you smell a very distinct smell coming from the garden… http://cornerstork.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/marijuana-leaf.jpg

He seems relieved.

Lisa is walking towards a small grassy hill in the garden where you see Onehorn sitting with a pipe in his mouth as you approach you find a veritable feast of Funyuns and microwaved burritos

He’ll kind of walk around the hill before approaching them, just to make sure there’s no creepy shit nearby.

It’s a very beautiful garden, there are some plants there you don’t recognize but other than that you don’t notice anything out of place

Onehorn clears his throat “Please help yourself… now care to tell me what’s happening?”

“There’s a bloody ghost in my mum’s house,” he states matter-of-factly. “And I don’t know what it wants or why it wants ta hurt them so much.”

Lisa: ””And Kevin here was getting attacked by a Bhargest for some reason and his family was put under some sleep enchantment” Onehorn looks blankly at Lisa and she responds “It’s like… a devil dog” He nods and looks over at you. “Is that from the dog?”  He gestures at your wound

Kiernan nods and holds his arm close to his body to keep pressure against his ribs. “Yeah.”

He stands up “Wait here… I’ll be right back”

“I’m not gonna turn into a werewolf or sumthin’, am I?” He sighs.

Lisa laughs for a second “That’s not how werewolves are made”

“When two werewolves really love each other, eh?” He grits his teeth as he lowers himself to the ground slowly.

“Actually… that’s not too far from the truth”

He looks at her, wondering if she’s messing with him, and decides it doesn’t matter either way.

“You OK?”

“Rough week,” he clears his throat and considers Onehorn’s pipe…

She may be messing with you, you’re not really sure, assuuming werewolves even exist Onehorn comes back with a very bizarre looking fruit

He doesn’t say anything, but starts looking for an escape casually.

He pulls out a knife and slices the fruit into four slices and hands them to you “That should help with the injury”

“What is it? Medicine?”

He nods “Very potent, can only be grown here”

He considers Onehorn, and decides he can probably trust him, and eats the fruit.

Much to your surprise it’s delicious It has a mild flavor with a honey aftertaste The pain from your wound deadens to a dull ache

“You’ll still need some rest, but that should help with the healing process”

“You could make a fair quid off that stuff,” he puts a hand on his wound, relieved from much of the pain.

“Chicago is a bit dangerous these days…” he says absently, but in jest

Onehorn stands up “I need to do a few things, you are welcome to rest here as long as you’d like, there’s some sleeping bags if you’d like in that bag over there”

“Thanks… that’ll do fine,” he smiles earnestly at Onehorn.

He smiles at the both of you and wanders off leaving you alone with Lisa. Lisa walks over to the duffel bag and pulls out two sleeping bags.

“Odd sort of bloke,” he says absently as he unrolls the bag. “Must be hard for him.”

“It’s not so bad, well, considering where he came from” “Night Kevin, I’m sure in the morning things won’t seem as bad”

“Things aren’t as bad. Everyone’s alive,” he points out as he rolls up under the blanket. “That’s good enough for tonight.”

The tranquility of the garden soon puts you to sleep, and you sleep very well that night.  Not a single nightmare.

Any shexxxy dreams? Only about Maury Povich  

You wake up the next morning and you can see through a window that it’s now light outside

When Lisa sees you up she grins… “Who’s Maury?”

“Maury,” he starts off slowly. “Maury is my power animal. Gives me strength in times of woe.” He grins.

“Yeah… and Onehorn farts rainbows

“He does?” He looks amazed!

She stretches and looks thoughtful for a moment, “Actually it wouldn’t surprise me if he could pull of a trick like that” “Aww, look at that!” She walks over to a wilting flower and kneels in front of it She fiddles with her earring and speaks something that sounds like gibberish… but green sparkles fall from her outstretched hand onto the flower and it perks up and begins to open.

“A flower?” He looks down at it without much interest.

“There, all better!’

He just hmms to himself.

“Did you read that book I gave you?”

“The one about the sci-fi show?”


“I saw a bit of it once, it’s not really my kinda show though,” he shrugs.

“What are you talking about?  And you call me nutters…”

“People who travel to other worlds or sumthin’, live in Atlantis or sumthin’ right? What about it?” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargate_Atlantis

She looks at you… “Well, you’re part right, but I’m not talking about that part 

“Did you read about the nitty gritty, you know, magic?”

“Uh?” He rolls his eyes upward, trying to remember. “I don’t think I got to that bit.”

“OK… well.  I’ll give you the reader’s digest version” “Magic is divided into different, what we call, Arcana” “Each of these Arcana represents a way in which we can change the  world around us” “I for example, am mostl skilled in the life Arcana, which is how I healed that flower, and your scar”

“Oh, and what about the duggy and the nailpolish?”

“That was the spirit arcana… I basically exorcised it that thing.  The nailpolish was run of the mill holy water”

“You’re a priest…” he adds, “-ess?” and looks a bit confused.

“So, what can YOU do?  What have you done? She laughs “Not quite, got that stuff from a catholic church, never know when it will come in handy”

“What do you mean, what can I do?”

“I’m more like… a wicca I guess”

“if you want to lump me in with something” “Well, you’ve used some magic right?  What weird has been happening around you?”

“I saw your hands go green,” he scratches the back of his head awkwardly. “And the bus was green.”

“For example… have you maybe been able to tell what was going to happen before it happened?” “All mages can see other mages magic… just all of ours looks different”

“I work in an office, I don’t, you know… do this sort of thing,” he shrugs.

“OK well… have things moved around you without you touching them? “Seen things that shouldn’t be there?  Feel like you can read peoples minds?  Any of this rining a bell?”

“Oh shite, what time is it?” He realizes he left his watch with his stuff at the house. “Is today a weekend?” “I work in an office,” he says stubbornly. “Or I hope I still do…”

“OK, seriously, I’m getting tired of this shit.  I’m trying to help you, work with me here” “You’re telling me you haven’t experienced anything unusual besides last nights events?”

“You might be able to make money grow from magical fairy trees, but I can’t,” he folds his arms over his chest defensively.

“Not all magic is flashy, usually the more powerful stuff is subtle”

“Right, so, I don’t know what it is in your book, but I heard a girl think something about me,” he remembers Pam thinking he was cute one day.

“There we go, that’s a start.  Anything else happen like that?  Like you hear what people are saying without the saying anything?”

“I heard it, in my head, and so, what is that then?” He frowns.

“There’s an arcana called Mind” “It can allow you to read peoples thoughts, or even influence their thoughts and actions”

“Yea, no words or nuthin’, they just turn away and I hear things that I swear I didn’t think up myself.”

“It’s like those old dracula movies, ya know, where he’s like “Come to me” (she does so in her best Dracula impression) and even the girl doesn’t want to she walks up to him anyways

He thinks about it for a moment, and smiles just a bit before saying, “No, I don’t think I can do that.”

“Here, try it, what am I thinking right now?”

You get the oddest mental image… of Onehorn lifting a leg and farting rainbows

He rubs his forehead. “Rainbows…”

She giggls and claps happily “I think we’ve figured out one of them!”  

“What do you mean one?” His eyes widen. “I think that’s all I have.”

She shrugs “Maybe… but maybe the others haven’t manifested yet”

You just remembed that kid you saved from the SUV… maybe you weren’t just seeing things

“One time, I thought I saw … well, I thought I pushed a kid, well.. ” he turns around for a moment, recollecting his thoughts of the kid and the SUV.

”... you pushed a kid?”

“Yeah,” he turns back to Lisa. “I think I pushed a kid away from a car before it hit him, but I didn’t move. I donno how to explain it.”

She looks thoughtful “Did you actually like, push him, or was he suddenly somewhere else?”

“I wanted to push him out of the way,” he thinks about it. “But he just… it was like a flash.. and everything stopped.. and then he was standin’ over there on the sidewalk and everything was back again,” he trails off. ” I donno, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine… I wish I knew more, but that sounds like it could be forces or space… I have an idea” “Try it again, try to move Onehorn’s pipe somewhere” She puts Onehorns pipe on top of a tree stump

“Oh, well, sure…”

Where do you try to move it to?

He’d first think of holding it, since he misses it. ;P

It’s suddenly not on the stump anymore but resting comfortably in your hand “Wow, good job!”

He holds it up and looks it over.

“That’s impressive, two out of two on your first try!” It looks exactly the same, still packed even “I think that’s Space magic”

“Space… you and sci-fi, girly,” he smiles.

She smiles back “Not like outerspace… it’s more like spatial relationships between objects”

“Sounds complicated.”

“Yeah… it does…. HEY, I got an idea!” “We might be able to figure out what’s wrong with you mom and brother”

“You think so?”

She nods “If we work together I think we might be able to”

“Let’s go to the room where they’re sleeping”

“I don’t really know the rules for this stuff,” he protests weakly. But follows her. “Don’t you know someone else who’s good at this shite?” he whispers as they walk into the room.

“You’ll find it gets easiier the more you do it…” “Yes… that I trust?  Not nessecarily”

“Oh, so you trust me, eh?” He smiles and then kneels down in front of his brother. “What about Onehorn?”

“You seem like an OK fellow” “His magic is… different” “He doesn’t talk about it much, but from what I can tell it has something to do with making deals”

“Loan shark?”

Your thoughts go to the 100$ bill in yoru pocket “Hah, well it’s weird.  More like… if he wants the water to water his garden, he makes some kind of pact with it”

He looks down at the bill oddly and stuffs it deeper in his pocket.

“As far as I can tell every kind of magic works a little different… like vampire magic is completely different than ours” she says matter of factly as she looks at your brother

“Wait, what, vampires?”

“Alright, I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen, but take my hand”

He reaches over and takes her hand. His hand is cold from being nervous.

She puts one of her hands on his chest “Put your other hand on his forehead, physical connections can really help with this stuff

He does so.

“Alright, now try and experience what he’s experiencing” She chants softly and green sparkles start flowing over your brothers skin

He looks at his brother and whispers, “Hey boyo, what’s going on in there?” as he concentrates on his brother’s thoughts.

You close your eyes for a moment, and when you open your eyes you’re very happy with Janet Part of you knows you should wake up… but you don’t want to, why would you leave this? The scene is constantly changing… the first time you two met, the day you proposed, the wedding, buying your first house

Does he feel like he’s Kiernan or Brodie?

You know you’re Kiernan, but you’re experiencing these things as if your’e Brodie Something is shaking your shoulder, “Kev?”

He’d think, “Brodie, can you hear me brotha?”

Janet turns to you, and her eyes flash black “He’s staying here” Shocked you reel back and find yourself back in the room

He’ll pull back in shock towards Lisa’s voice, if he can.

Brodie looks troubled for a moment, but his face relaxes back into a smile “Did you see anything?  I couldn’t feel anything physically wrong with him”

“Lisa?” he breaks off contact from Brodie. “He’s dreaming sweet dreams, but that thing is in there with him.”

She frowns, “Well whatever it’s doing, it doesn’t seem to be hurting him… just trying to keep him out of the picture” “It’s almost like it’s just goading you or something”

“You look like you’re about to bust a vein, stop thinking so hard”

“There’s this cop, I guess, and he was lookin’ into the death of,” he whispers Janet’s name as if Brodie might be able to hear it otherwise. “He said people were killed there since way back.. hundreds.. maybe back to Indians or summat.”

“Well, sounds like a better lead than any we have now.  What do you want to do with them?  They should be safe here” “I doubt even that creature knows where they are now… “

“I.. well, I think he thought something.. out there… was going on, but he didn’t tell me more,” he snaps his finger. “But he did have your book, girly. Said he was a right collector of rare books.”

“He had THAT book?”

“Your star wars book, yea. And his eyes went all wonky like your hands, but purply.”

“What was his name?”

“Erhm, he went by VK, but his real name.. Ethan Daniels,” he shrugs. “I have his email and number.”

“VK… VK… that sounds familiar.  I doubt I’d know him by his real name… in our Community we all go by a different name” “I, for example, go by Isis”

“Oh yea, so Lisa’s not your real name?” he asks in passing, and then adds, “I’d have to pull his number from a computer.”

“Lisa’s actually my real name.”

He hmms. “Mine’s not Kevin.”

“So you don’t tell your real name to crazy people you meet on the bus?”  She tries too look offended… but fails miserably.

“It’s Kiernan. Nice to meet you,” he smiles sheepishly, realizing he should have corrected that long ago.

She shakes his hand “Lisa Conklin”

“Well, it sounds like we need to head back up, do you want me to ask Onehorn to keep watch over them?”

“I’m sure he wouldn ‘t mind, and i really do think they’re safer down here than up there”

“Yeah but,” he looks back at the van. “How do we.. uh.. get outta here?”

“Well… can’t go out the same way in the middle of the day… but there are many exits from this place.  There’s actually one that opens up to where I work, it’s how I met Onehorn”

“Oh, in the buffalo place,” he nods absently.. pretending like the maze of crazy makes sense.

“Follow me… have you ever seen that Narnia movie?”

“Uh.. narnia… is that the one with vin diesel?”

She starts laughing uncontrollably After a minute she calms down, wiping a tear from her eye “I’d love to see that movie”

He clears his throat, “it’s on Brodie’s netflix…”

she takes a deep breath to calm herself “Well, let’s just say something in that movie is similar to what’s about to happen” “I need you to walk into that closet, knock on the wall three times, and whisper this phrase, ‘David Bowie est a mulier.’ ” “I’ll go first”

“Oh, well, of course…”

She walks into the closet ... ... About 30 seconds pass and as far as you know nothing has happened.

Is she still standing in there?

The door is shut

He’ll knock on the door and open it if there’s no response.

You open the door and see what looks like a small empty closet

He’ll get in and try to repeat that phrase

Nothing seems to happen… but your’e not sure you said it right, care to tr again?

He thinks about it and tries again after he peeks out to make sure he’s no where new…

You’re prety sure you said it right, and after a second you hear some Feist song playing


He isn’t able to identify the song, but he thinks it sounds a bit like the stuff that Lisa had on in her store last time, so he comes out and looks around.

You find yourself in Buffalo Exchange standing outside of a dressing room



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